Owners Experience

We are committed to keeping owners as informed as possible through consistent communication, access and insight both on and off the track. This includes:

When your horse is spelling and in pre-training

You will receive regular email updates, which will periodically include photos of your horse. We will also provide detail of future race plans and relevant timeframes.

When your horse is in full training (including barrier trials)

When your horse is in full training you will receive regular e-mails outlining the type of work being undertaken and proposed race plans. Details of entry into barrier trials as well as race nominations and acceptances will be provided as they occur. Communication will include videos of track work, barrier trials and the use of jockey cam on ad hoc basis. In addition, we encourage all owners to regularly contact us with any queries.

Pre and post race reports

Reports previewing your horse’s race will be provided including analysis of potential speed, main contenders and race tactics. Post race we will provide reports evaluating the performance of your horse including commentary from the trainer and jockey where possible. This will occasionally be in the format of video footage or sound files. We will also provide preliminary thoughts around future plans.

Events, stable and track work visits

Periodically we will hold open days for both existing and new clients. There is also the ability for owners to contact us to arrange stable and track work visits at their convenience.

Attendance at sales

We pride ourselves on quality thoroughbred selection and welcome owners to attend various thoroughbred sales throughout the year. This provides the opportunity to be part of and experience the process of purchasing a racehorse, which will provide you with further insight into the industry.